What an experience. Thank you so much for leading us on that fascinating, rewarding, stimulating - and definitely cool — adventure! I am already incorporating the breathing exercises and the cold immersion into my regular routine.
— Greg Hittelman
As a health professional, I am always looking at evidence based health modalities that can prevent chronic disease. I came across the Wim Hof Method and was fortunate enough to be introduced to this modality by Bob Soulliere. He is a patient, passionate and thorough instructor. I will be incorporating the Wim Hof breathing technique into my personal health practice as well as incremental cold water therapy into my showers. I would recommend Bob as a trainer because of his knowledge and respect for his attendees. I’m glad I decided to sign up for Bob’s seminar. He teaches his students about their inner strength through breath work and acclimating back to natural elements like cold water exposure.
— Mai Trinh
Coming into this class, I was nervous, but left feeling inspired and braver! Bob’s enthusiastic and caring teaching style made this training a fun and uplifting experience I would highly recommend to others.
— Laurie Conner