Episode 3: Kim Coleman - Pranayama and Self-Love as Keys to Freedom and Happiness

Kimberly Coleman is an intuitive Mind/Body Healer, holds many titles including Reiki Shihan, Master Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and JourneyDance facilitator. She’s spent her life working hands-on with clients, helping them transform their lives through bodywork, energy healing, yoga, and breath work. 

In her search for joy Kimberly made an important discovery — that she couldn’t give away all her energy. The inner struggle of self-worth held her back and kept her from the life she wanted to lead. Even after she actively created a life she thought would be best, she was still unhappy.  

So she started to really investigate why she was unhappy on the inside, why life was always inadequate, and discovered when she looked deep inside, and decided to start loving herself — seriously filling herself up with the love and kindness that she usually gave away — things began to change. Stress decreased. Habits began to shift. People treated her differently. She could recognize and receive blessings that she’d never seen before.

We cover a lot of ground in this talk, from what is prana, how to recognize your own signals, how beliefs create energy that you can leverage, and what looking back 2 years might tell you about struggles you're having now. Toward the end, Kimberly takes me and Tricia through her LoveBubble process, which leaves us floating.